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Torch on Roofing

Make Your Roof Perform Better Across Seasons with Torch on Roofing

Do you have a low sloped or flat roof?Torch-on (or torch-down) Roofing is the right one for you. Combining resin and asphalt, torch-on ceilings add a high-resistance to damage from debris, rot, pests, and weather. Torch-on is the best choice for a long-lasting lifespan, especially in areas facing wet climate.

This roof type is available in two varieties, 2-layer and 3-layer Torch-on roofs. You can alsorely on Humble Roofing’s professionals to choose the best for your home or commercial property.

Why Invest in Our Torch-on Roofing Services?

Upgrading the roof of your commercial or residential property with torch-on Roofing adds several benefits:

Leak Resistance:

When rubberized asphalt is melted to the rooftop, the touch-down coating makes the roof resistant to any type of leakage.

Heat Protection:

Adding torch-on material to your roof protects it from external heat as well. The 2-layer and 3-layer variations add an extra layer of fire resistance on top of your property, keeping the internal temperature low during summers.

UV Protection:

The material used in torch-on Roofing is also protective against harmful UV rays. Thus, you can ensure a healthy area for people residing or working inside.

Wondering how to choose the right Torch-on roofing? Let’s discuss your preferences to pick up the best.

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